The Fiesta Ballroom, Letterkenny.

So the good people of the Earagail Festival and An Grianán Theatre have asked me to write a play based around stories of the old Fiesta Ballroom in Letterkenny. The piece will be a celebration of the dancers, chancers and lovers who graced to dance floor of the famous ballroom from 1962 until the roller disco years of the 1980’s. Fiesta will be presented as the opening event of the 2014 Earagail Arts Festival.

Here’s a wee snippet

WOMAN 1:        Are you going? Are you going?

WOMAN 2:        Am I going where?

MAN 1:              The Fiesta. Have you seen it?

MAN 2:              Have I seen it? Didn’t I take a load of chairs in there the other day.

WOMAN 3:        I’m going to make a dress special. Got the material in McIlhenny’s last week.

WOMAN 4:        How are you getting there?

MAN 3:               Thumbing it. What about you?

MAN 4:               I’ll get a lend of the old fellah’s Austin, if it makes it up the hill.

MARGARET:    Come on girls, will you stop your messing and get back to work.

SEAN:                Yes boys, you’ll not be going anywhere if them boxes aren’t stacked.

WOMAN 1:        ‘Stop your messin’ Listen to her, thinks she’s the bees knees.

WOMAN 2:        Ach, don’t mind her, Maggie’s bark’s worse than her bite.

MAN 1:               Aye Seanie and pigs’ll fly.

MAN 2:               Jesus, he’s a dose.

WOMAN 3:        Have you shoes to go with the dress?

WOMAN 4:        I have, black patent.

MAN 3:              New suit from thon Indian fellah, half a crown a week.

MAN 4:              New shoes, these boots are no use for dancing.

Fiesta – is a new drama commission co-produced by Earagail Arts Festival, An Grianán Theatre and Donegal County Council Arts Office and supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Failte Ireland and Donegal County Council.

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