A few words… no respect, no consent,

I’m going to town to protest against the water charges and more. I’ve heard that we should be respectful, that respect is what we should show.  Respect is what brought us to this in the first place; too much respect for the men who tell us what to do and what to think. I have had my fill of respect. I no longer respect those who think themselves better than me. I no longer respect those who attempt to tell me what to think. In my garden there is an old tree, throttled from waist to leaf. The parasitic ivy sucks the sap, killing the tree year on year. I took an axe to the ivy, sliced its core. Weeks passed, the ivy died and the tree breathed again. We need to fell the parasites with an axe of civil disobedience. We need to let this government know we do not respect them anymore. We do not consent to be governed by this corruption. We once took a stand against the greatest economic, political and military empire the world has ever known. We cut them deep and brought them to their knees. A few sneering, schoolteachers are nothing. It’s time to take back our country.

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