Mansplaining Dad-Rap… #repealthe8th

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Too many male commentators
Have passed judgement on the creators
Of the repeal the eighth campaign,
Declaring ‘those women should refrain’
From swearing and shouting
Because it’s conduct unbecoming
Of a lady with dainty hands,
Who couldn’t possibly understand
The complex nature of the debate.
And Jesus, that attitude grates…
I might be preaching to the converted,
But Iona have subverted,
Youth Defence have perverted,
Our politicians have deserted,
The essential truth of this struggle,
So here’s my rebuttal,
an effort to rebalance the conversation
From me, to my sisters, this is my declaration

Now I’m just a middle-aged, subversive white male,
And I live in the sticks, somewhere beyond the pale,
Maybe my personal opinions count for nothing,
But I have to interject with rhymes that are busting.
Some people won’t listen to my skin and blisters,
So it’s incumbent of me to speak out for my sisters,
And defend the manner of their vocal campaigning,
Even though I might be accused of that old mansplaining.

Some serious, slanderous allegations have been made,
By the motley, vociferous anti-abortion brigade,
Complaints about the high pitched tone of our voices,
From the usual muttering, mealy-mouthed anti-choicers.
And from celebrities too, sitting smugly on their fences,
Warning us all of the unholy consequences,
Of preaching the abortion message far too loudly.
For aren’t we the anti-life, baby-killing, ungodly.

But you see, pro-life to me, is a misogynist misnomer.
Keeping a sick, pregnant woman in a coma,
To protect a tiny amount of embryonic tissue,
Because of some outdated 13th century voodoo,
And laws that even the UN says are unsound?
And yes, the repeal implications are profound.
But I can’t ignore the seventy odd women a week,
Who travel across to England, their abortions to seek,

And as for the fatal foetal abnormalities,
Aren’t they great business for the ferry companies.
And still our Senators spout “suffering abounds in this world.”
Well I have to say Senator, I find that offensive and absurd.
Repeal the eighth, trust a woman’s integrity.
Repeal the eighth, screw your outdated zealotry.
Are you listening now, you gutless legislators?
The women of this land are more than incubators.
We’ve laws proposed by legal hearts and minds,
We don’t want a subjective triage of pain of any kind,
We are simply asking you for some common humanity,
We’ve waited too long, seen too much of your antipathy.

As for the other crowd of Institute gobshites,
You seem to have no empathy, no understanding of human rights.
My sisters come home, heart-broken and exhausted,
And you’re happy to see their desperation exported.
And then you complain about us being far too shrill,
Well you started it! And it’s a bitter little pill,
You’re going to have to take, retching and gagging.
Surprised? It’s not my morals that are lacking.
Interfering in matters humane and fallopian,
Trying to conserve some twisted Catholic utopian
Ideal and ignoring rising public distaste,
Your media diatribes are a bloody disgrace.

And to the men in purple frocks, have hoke at your genitals,
And if you find a penis, get off your pedastals,
You may have an opinion, no matter how humourless,
But you’ve no say in what a woman does with her uterus.
All them biblical quotes and pontifical letters,
Are just a pious smokescreen for the so-called “elders and betters”,
Who fear the strength of the sisters, mothers and daughters
And their weaker-sexed, awe-inspired male supporters.
Repeal the eighth, not a citizens’ convention.
Kicking the can down the road, that’s no solution.
A woman owns her body, so stop your meddling,
And all those unscientific lies you’re peddling.

Now before I finish this rhyme, I have to confess,
I’ve skin in the game, my daughter could be affected by this mess.
I want to be sure, she’s in charge of her own decisions
Can access free, safe and legal abortion under medical supervision.
So repeal the eighth. The world will keep revolving.
Repeal the eighth, the constitution needs evolving.
This is the 21st Century, in a modern democracy,
Give women control of their bodily autonomy.

With all this anger and ire, maybe I’m playing into your hands,
But I’ve had enough of this shit and I’m just a man.
I’m not equipped with a womb, so I have no comprehension,
But I’ve had enough of anti-choicers and their fucking condescension.

Repeal the eighth, repeal the eighth, a woman’s right to chose, not a man’s to explain so I’ll say it again and again.
Repeal the eighth.
Repeal the eighth.
Repeal the eighth.
Repeal the eighth.

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