#Jobstown some idle thoughts

I did a thread a while ago, but it probably got lost in the Twittersphere, so I thought I should and could do something a little more reasoned and readable.

Goethe apparently said, “Divide and rule, the politician cries; unite and lead, is watchword of the wise.” I don’t know if he did, seeing as I lifted that from the internet, but the notion of divide and conquer and its Machiavellian overtones is something us old Lefties have become accustomed too. The Great Hegemony of the Centre-Right is well practiced at it, supported and encouraged by the willing and servile mainstream media. The Divide and Rule playbook goes something like this…

Left-wing party gets its act together.

Right-wing and Media get scared because “Socialism”.

They find a chink in Left-wing armour. Personality or policy difference.

Media shouts loud, exploits the difference, encouraged by Right-wing.

Left-wing starts fighting amongst themselves and it gets nasty and/or personal.

Media encourages the infighting.

Voting public looks at Left-wing and thinks, ‘Couldn’t possibly vote for them, they’re always at each other’s throats.

Left-wing eats itself.

Right-wing congratulates itself and carries on fucking over the rest of us.

It’s an age old story, and #Jobstown is no exception.

Labour in coalition (not exactly the party of Larkin and Connolly but all that’s left of the soft-left) and bowing to Enda’s Mayo wisecracks.

Other left-wing parties also represented in the Dáil, though certainly not a unified voice.

The Right-wing want to privatise water (yes they fucking did, don’t try and deny it, it’s what they do)

Labour probably aren’t that happy seeing as what happened the first time someone tried water charges, but they roll with it because… you can insert your own notion here. It might be principle, programme for government or just the gold-plated pensions.

Socialists, Lefties and Indy-Lefties cry foul and organise massive protests.

One of these happens to be in front of Minister Joan Burton’s car. She’s delayed… a little. There’s no hassle, according to Gardaí.

The Socialists, Lefties and Indy-Lefties are entitled to protest and entirely justified in calling out Labour’s hypocrisy.

The Media blow the whole thing out of proportion, though certain individuals on the Left don’t do themselves any favours by sniping at each other.

The Right-wing crowd rub their hands, have a word in somebody’s ear and suddenly there are Guards at the door at 6am, arresting folk.

The whole thing goes on for too fucking long, giving the media a chance to vilify the individuals concerned.

The Minister appears as a witness, makes a bollocks of the whole thing.

The lads on trial punch the air and make the usual noises.

Gardaí make a bollocks of it all too.

Jobstown 6 are innocent, but seeds of doubt are already planted by the Media.

Nobody comes out of it smelling of roses…

And that is what the Great Hegemony planned all along.

The Left-wing eating itself again.

Plenty of wavering voters now doubting whether they’ll cast a vote for the harder-left

And onwards march the Blue-Shirted Soldiers of Destiny.

Divide and Conquer.

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