An actor playing Hamlet,
takes his final bow,
and exits stage left,
pursued by a bear.

Into the blue-lit backstage he strides
sweat beaded, exhilarated,
to his dressing room he retires
smoking a cigarette.

A telephone message left before
to call a cousin in Timişoara,
“Cousin, we have taken the streets”
and so begins the bloodshed.

Securităţii blend into a crowd
shooting people through their clothes.
snipers take pot shots,
you can still see the bullet holes.

The actor, well known to all
stops a tank and says,
“The revolution has started”,
Radio affirmation in the bowels of the tin can.

“I surrender my entire battalion to you”
Wise choice of that tank driver,
never cross an angry actor,
every director should know.

Up jumps the actor and sits
astride the Russian Tank,
“To the People’s Palace” he cries
in his best Iambic voice.

On the streets the citizens see
a great actor riding a steel horse.
There’s something rotten in the state
as they shout “Hamlet, Hamlet, Hamlet”

The end of this story is well known.
Murdered dictator and his wife lie
side by side in blood.
The Palace left blank on the city map.

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